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Dr Jess Buxton

Dr Elena Bochukova

The CDRF in conjunction with the Denise Coates Foundation announces calls for new proposals related to the human microbiome. All proposals will be peer-reviewed.  Priority will be given to projects related to twin research.

1. A research fellowship for up to £300,000 in new areas and methods related to the analysis of the microbiome, metabolomics and chronic disease.  The candidate must have a PhD, an excellent track record in the research area and skills in handling large data sets.  The length of the fellowship is up to 4 years part-time or full-time.  A support letter from the institution is also required who would be expected to offer honorary status.
Deadline for application: 1st March 2020 with full proposal which can be downloaded online.


2. A special project grant for research into Covid-19 in the community for up to £2 million.  The candidate(s) must have excellent credentials and track record in the research area.  The project length is up to 3 years.

Deadline for the application: 15th September 2020 with a full proposal which can be downloaded online.
3. Pilot studies of up to £10,000 used to seek larger grants can be submitted at any time.

Other conditions can be found on the website or by contacting the administrator Robyn Fitzgerald at to whom correspondence should be addressed.  

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