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The Chronic Disease Research Foundation (CDRF), founded in May 1996, is an independent medical research charity.

The CDRF funds a wide range of gene research programs that aim to discover the cause of common diseases such as arthritis, back pain, migraine, asthma, dementia and heart disease. The CDRF runs many successful projects at the department of Twin Research at St Thomas' Hospital. 

We hope that results of this research will contribute to the development of future diagnostic tests and treatments.

We rely entirely on non-governmental donations and grants to conduct our research.

Latest News

The CDRF is supporting critical COVID-19 research with the COVID Symptom Study app. The app does not have any contact tracing function. It is designed to be entirely voluntary so that people can share information about how they are feeling in a way that safeguards their privacy. This is a non-profit research initiative by King’s College London and TwinsUK with support from health science start-up ZOE. It is the largest community-powered COVID-19 research project in the world with 3 million contributors. The aim of this critical study is to slow the spread of COVID-19 by advancing science and supporting the NHS to identify those at risk sooner.


Without further funding, it cannot continue its important work to save lives and help the UK get out of lockdown safely. Please help us to keep this study going through your participation and donations. The money raised will fund the team of over 50 researchers, data scientists, engineers and scientists working to support our health and the country’s future.  Funds no longer needed for this project will be used for other research grants into chronic diseases.

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