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Chronic Disease Research Foundation

The Chronic Disease Research Foundation (CDRF), founded in May 1996, is an independent medical research charity.

The CDRF funds a wide range of gene research programs that aim to discover the cause of  diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, long term COVID, arthritis, dementia, back pain, and migraine. The CDRF runs many successful projects at the Department of Twin Research at St Thomas' Hospital. 

We hope that the results of this research will contribute to the development of future diagnostic tests and treatments.

We rely entirely on non-governmental donations and grants to conduct our research.

Tim's 100 km ride for the CV-19 Symptom Study

Professor Tim Spector, the CDRF's Medical Director, is going to pull on his Lycra, put on his helmet, get on his bike and ride 100 km and swim 1.5 km.  Tim is taking time out from his busy schedule co-ordinating the Covid Symptom Study to complete this marathon effort to raise funds for the Covid Symptom Study campaign.  He is taking part in the Prudential My Ride London cycling event during the weekend of August 15th and 16th.


The Covid Symptom Study - a collaboration between the CDRF, KCL researchers and Zoe - is contributing to the global efforts to find a solution to the pandemic by collecting and analysing contributions of 4,063,929 citizen scientists who report daily their well-being or Covid symptoms.  This vital information is contributing to the increasing reservoir of knowledge about the transmission, effects and possible cures for Covid-19.


The CDRF would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporters for their contributions to the study.  Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of abating.  All of us have been affected by the epidemic with restrictions on our daily lives and livelihoods.  Sadly, many of us have lost loved ones because of this disease; many others are living with the longer-term consequences of the viral infection. 


As the country eases out of lockdown and prepares for a possible second wave of infection, the information provided by the Covid Symptom Study is essential.  This project is saving lives through science and will play a vital role over the next year to support our healthcare system and the wider UK community and to understand the impact of COVID on long term health.


Please support Tim's ride and fundraising efforts.

COVID Symptom Study Appeal

The COVID Symptom Study is a collaboration between King's College London, the Chronic Disease Research Foundation and health science start-up company ZOE.  They are working together to understand COVID and its overall impact, support the health of the public and help get us out of the COVID pandemic. It is the largest community-powered COVID research project in the world with almost four million contributors.


Funding will enable us to carry out long-term research on topics including:

  • Long term COVID sufferers.

  • Algorithms and models that can predict COVID positive cases without lab tests.

  • Further improvements to the model that can predict early disease and virus hotspots.

  • The role of genetics and gut health in COVID risk and long-term symptoms.

  • Future vaccine trials.


Your donation will go directly to the Chronic Disease Research Foundation who will give grants to help support over 50 scientists, engineers, researchers and data science experts to analyse COVID data.  The information collected will be delivered daily to the NHS, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and English Government as well as to all app users.


We are very grateful for your generous donations so far which helped us reach our first target of £1 million. The funds raised and unpaid support from Zoe has successfully allowed our work to continue since March. To help us continue to fight COVID, we will need over £3 million each year. By funding this unique, independent non-profit study, you are supporting efforts to save lives, reduce suffering and beat this virus.  


In the meantime, we are very hopeful that the UK government in the next few weeks will also provide us with a grant or funding to allow the core collection of data and statistical reports to continue. This would not, however, cover the costs of the clinical research or the teams of scientists at King’s College London working on the virus for which funds are still needed.


The COVID Symptom Study is the only app of its kind in the world to:

  • Identify hotspots such as Leicester, long before they were public;

  • Prove that loss of smell is a major symptom of COVID, published in Nature Medicine;

  • Show how a combination of over a dozen symptoms can pose different risks;

  • Reveal the 12-fold higher risk to healthcare workers across regions;

  • Show that UK COVID infection rates peaked on the 1st April with over two million people;

  • Work with the UK's largest health charities including Cancer Research UK, Versus Arthritis, Age UK and all the 23 Royal Medical Colleges to help the country's most vulnerable groups.


The COVID Symptom Study will support our healthcare system in conducting research at-scale, including:

  • Researching Hormone Replacement Therapy studies to understand the role of oestrogen and COVID with NHS England;

  • Researching long-term sufferers to understand causes and possible treatments;

  • Using a machine learning symptom model to support the Department of Health to test the public and monitor rates of new cases nationally;

  • Testing a digital diagnostic with a clinical trial of over 800,000 people;

  • Providing the research findings directly to app users through blogs, maps and social media.


The COVID Symptom Study app is saving lives through science.  It will play an essential role over the next year in supporting our healthcare system and the wider UK community, and in understanding the impact of COVID on long term health.


Funds no longer needed for this project will be used for other research grants into chronic diseases.

Thank you from the Lead Researchers at King's College London.

Tim Spector

 Claire Steves

 Seb Ourselin

Thank you to our donors

The CDRF would like to thank all the citizen scientists who’ve contributed to the Covid Symptom Study. By regularly recording your symptoms, you are providing valuable data for our researchers. Please continue to report your health daily, even if you are well, and share the app with friends and family.

For those who donated to our appeal, your donations will keep the COVID Symptom Study alive and prove invaluable as we enter the next phase of the fight against COVID-19.  The CDRF is grateful for your generosity. The money raised will fund the team of over 50 researchers, data scientists, engineers and scientists working to support our health and the country’s future.

Keep up to date with the latest research from the project and the UK Covid data.  

Latest Research Update
Landmark study shows inflammation after meals varies dramatically among healthy adults

Researchers led by King’s College London and funded by the CDRF announced the first published results from PREDICT, the largest ongoing nutritional study of its kind.


The results, published in Nature Medicine and presented at the American Society of Nutrition 2020, showed a wide range of metabolic responses after eating in apparently healthy adults, and that inflammation triggered by the food we eat varies up to ten-fold.

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